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Tips for Being Recognized on deviantART

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 10:46 AM
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~~ So it' so occurred to me that many deviants here on this site still have no idea how to be noticed for their talent, art and ideas. So I'm going to offer a few tips I found useful.. I hope you enjoy this.. And remember.. These are all just from personal experience.. I do not know how much it'll pertain to each individual, but I hope some still help!.... So let's get started! :iconba-kyunplz:  

Recognize and be Recognized!
All of us as deviants do enjoy recognition in their artwork. Taking time to browse other artist's gallery or message stacks and :+fav: artwork that jumps out at you makes people feel good and encourages them! Also, in doing this simple action, most people take the time to view your page, say thank you and even gift :llama: badges! And you never know.. They just might like what they see! You can never :+fav: too much of people's wonderful art!

Don't Just :+fav: and Run!
While :+fav:-ing is a great, quick way to show appreciation for other artist's hard work, just looking at the thumbnails isn't probably what the artist was going for. Art is meant to be viewed in full view! So click on that thumbnail and really take a moment to pour over the deviation, read the artist's comments, and offer your own comments. deviantART was built on the foundation of sharing art and offering praise, advice and critique. Taking 5 minutes to write a thoughtful, in depth comment as opposed to "cool, cute or nice" or just not commenting at all, will probably make somebody feel really good and smile! Thoughtful comments are what people strive for on their art. Think about it, an artists probably spends an average of 1-2 days, give or take a few days, on their artwork, why not take 5 simple minutes out of your life to acknowledge it? :iconyea-plz:

A :+devwatch:aholic!
If you like someone's art.. For goodness sake :+devwatch: them! Don't get lazy! It takes but 3 seconds to click that button! This simple action shows you're willing to support them in their future art. And be active as well.. We all know once in a while deviantART becomes slow.. Well when that happens hop onto your favorite artist's page and see what they're up to! :iconcutehiplz:

Fanart is Art!
What I've noticed is that people who draw fanart, and not just replications of pictures already existing, but art of canon characters with their own twist, seem to gain popularity quickly! Now don't get me wrong, I'm more of a fan of original art myself, but I do enjoy seeing interesting pictures of my favorite Vocaloids, Anime/Manga characters, book/movie characters ect! Fanart is a great lead way into being noticed, and there are tons of great artists out there who draw both canon characters and original art! So go out there and be a fan of something! :iconsmile-luplz:

Home, Sweet Group!
You might of already guessed it, but submitting art to groups is an amazing way to have your art recognized! Groups were designed to be a commonplace for people who share the same interests as you! There is a multitude of groups, with various interests and likes! From Anime groups, to OC groups, to Writing groups, to groups for all art in general there is sure to be at least one group that suits you and your likes! You can find groups by going to deviantART's scroll down menu and going to the little :house: icon that says Groups! Submit to groups often and don't be afraid to expand the kind of groups you join! :iconyuiswayplz:

No Secret Admirerers here!
If you find you stumble across artists who are particularly inspiring to you.. Tell them! No, not just "I Like your art" :iconorekihuhplz: Seriously.. It's meaningless! No, write a deep, thoughtful and heart felt comment for them! They may be popular, but they're still people and do have feelings! There are not many artists here that feel they're 'too good to reply' so dont be afraid.. comment and tell them how you feel about them and their art! :iconkairiaww-plz:

Turn off those Stacks!
Message Stacks! Turn off the little Stack annotation so you see all of the deviations that come separately! That way you're more likely to see art that catches your eye! You get used to it after awhile and find it to be actually very helpful! :iconclannadsmileplz:

I don't like spam.. I'm a vegetarian.
While art is loved and accepted here, please don't spam us with sketches, WIPS or linearts (unless of course it's for a commission or something of that sort). Thats what your Scrapbook is for! :iconforcesmileplz: Submit your beautiful finished art! While WIPS are always fun to see, we dont want to be overwhelmed with them!

Be Active on this Site!
deviantART offers many opportunities to become an active member here! Contests, polls, discussions.. Everything! Seize the opportunities!Not only does deviantART host multiple contests and stuff, but so do groups and fellow deviants! What can it hurt to join? You've got a shot at winning prizes and an opportunity to expand your skills! The more people see you around, the more likely you'll get acknowledgement. My daddy always said "You ain't gettin' a tan hiding inside all day." ... :iconyuihuhplz: Actually no he never said that |D wat :iconheplz:

Sugar and Spice It's Important to be Nice!
:iconislapyouplz: Sorry for the lame title... But it's very important to be nice!:iconchibikylesocuteplz: Show kindness and genuineness to your fellow deviants! Being rude, mean and cold is not a very approachable attitude. Being nice entices people to get to know you and your art more! :iconizayawinkplz:

Make friends and Be yourself!
"A friend is worth ten thousand fans. ~ Unknown" This statement rings with truth! Whats better than a website that you can share what you love doing, and meet people who love what you love too! A kitten jumping out of a cake in a bikini... *cough* With some sexy male stripper- I-I mean.. Nothing of course :iconmiradafijaplz: //dies This ties back with commenting and being nice! Just talk to people! Be yourself and don't be afraid to be silly! :iconflirtwinkplz: People like to laugh! There are so many great people here! Just dont be afraid to talk with them! :iconrubcheeksplz:

Sharing is Caring!
So, you've heeded these tips and you've become well known among your group of friends and watchers! But the thing is, you know a friend with amazing art and talent.. But they're shy *coughorlazycough*. How to get them more recognition? Well this is a little tricky, first, perhaps link them to this journal :iconrightneplz:, next, features! You've seen them everywhere.. Feature journals, feature spots on deviant's pages, features in groups! Try to spread the word about them, feature them on your page and suggest them to be featured! Also, you may suggest your friend's art for  DD's! If you do not know how to suggest a Daily deviation here's how: :iconsexythumbplz:

Don't get discourgaed.. These things take time!
Please, please, please do not fret so much about being "popular" as much as improving! deviantART is not a place for being subjugated into "popular" and "average" artists... Everyone has a unique style and everyone can become great artists.. You just have to put time, effort and practice into it! Don't worry! You'll get better over the years.. Just keep doing what you love and everything will fall into place... :iconmoewinkplz:

So. Much. Pain.. :iconimfaintingplz: Haha this took 2 and a half hours to put together... So I hope you find this somewhat useful! Please, please, don't be mean! This is meant to help people, and its only based off personal experience. But if you feel like your tip deserves to be up here, and it isn't already, feel free to comment and I'll most likely put it up here! :iconrightneplz: Thank you for reading.. And have a great day! I hope this helps! ~~ :iconchibikyleloveplz: And remember~~

deviantART loves you! :heart:

Kthanksbye :iconhakasenyanniplz:

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